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Monday, September 05, 2005

Special Nice Weekend, Smeriously

Haven't had much time to pull myself away from the tube. I'm so sad about my city, New Orleans. The weird thing is I've had dreams about the French Quarter for three nights now. Not just normal dreams, but dreams where my whole family is involved. All the destruction, but the hope that the French Quarter is still open!

The dreams involve snow skiing, alpine sleds, whitewater rapids, and any other thing that could be strange as hell. My whole goal is to get back to "Snooks" and find Lisa and Beth. Last night in the dream, I came across Lisa and she was pregant (not likely) but Beth would answer her phone and be a bitch. I hope you guys are OK. I wish I could find you somehow, but I can't.

However, last night, I found an article where Snooks opened on Monday after Katrina went through.

I feel so helpless.


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