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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Think Facebook Has Taken Over My Life

Had a meeting with Julie, Joe and Doug tonight and we were discussing blogging, tweetting and general bullshit trying to push "Joy" the movie we made at "Jungle Jim's" in Fairfield, Ohio a while back. And, I kind of forgot about this little thingy,

Then I remembered how I got on a rant about Todd Santos and his hideous eyebrows...and how I had several strange, yet very funny responses. It's just too bad that Todd hasn't been on msnbc for (drum roll) exactly a year since msnbc decided to use the weather channel. (Think I may be digressing, but that's okay.)

So now, we need to come up with some unique, weird crap to push this awesome movie now that there are distribution deals in the works...any ideas? I'm clueless at the moment...but my thinking cap is turned on turbo!

So in the spirit of Lizzie, we need to find a way to marry indie films with indie music. We did a pretty good job with "Joy." Most of the music on the soundtrack is from Cincinnati...Wussy, The Hiders, Lovely Crash and Kim Taylor. This is a lot of music that folks from Rolling Stone, Spin, woxy, npr, kexp, Robert Christgau and others are going gaga over...and I don't mean Lady Gaga because she is just a freak!

Seriously, what is up with that Lady Gaga shit? Do people really like that? As far as I'm concerned, I was hoping she would catch on fire during that lame-ass awards show, or SNL, or wherever I saw that travesty!

People, wake up and find some real freakin' music; you shouldn't be spoon fed this crap that the masses eat up (well, except for Madonna, right Candice?)

Just saying...

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