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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More TSA Stupid Rules

Apparently, it just started today.

We were catching our flight out of San Francisco this morning and one of the agents announced, "There are new regulations since the last time you flew." Really? We flew in six days ago. What could have changed this morning?

Here it is...not only do you still have to remove your shoes, laptop and have 3 oz. bottles of liquids in a plastic bag, but get this. Now you have to put in other bins all electronics, cords and charging devices. Are you fucking kidding me?

With all of my shit, I needed four freakin' bins! Here's what I had to unload: my coat, the light jacket I was wearing over my shirt, shoes (which were double tied because if only single tied, a disaster is waiting to happen since they untie and I get dangerously close to doing a face plant), purse, backpack, laptop, cell phone, camera, laptop charger, cell phone charger, camera charger and headphones. I had one item remaining, my Tweeze (battery powered tweezers) which I could hear buzzing in my backpack sounding like I was carrying a vibrator!

I dug around trying to find my Tweeze to turn it off, when the agent said, "That's good enough, move on." So, I had to send my buzzing backpack through the x-ray machine!

Everything came out of the conveyor belt ok (surpisingly.) Then I spent another ten minutes trying to find that damn buzzing thing and repacking all of my crap.

So this speeds up security? Who are you kidding! It took me a good 15-20 minutes to complete this stupid, assinine shit.

Flying sure does suck these days!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

That Was Strange

At Pier 39, we wandered into a little gift shop. Jim found state license plates. In the Ohio bin there were two from Butler County and one from Hamilton County. Apparently, Japanese tourists love these plates.

It reminded me of the time at Santa Monica pier, there was a Fairfield Lanes jacket hanging on the door.

Freakin' weird!

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Door To Nowhere

We visted Winchester Mystery House. Very bizzare. Doors that go nowhere...as pictured, upside down columns, sink drains with 13 holes, windows which open into walls, bathrooms with windows on the doors, staircases that go up and then down...

Weird stuff!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bengals SUCK!

Yeah, the Bengals still suck. But we had a great time at Monster park. I would guess around 20 percent of the game goers were Bengal fans. Our whole section was filled with our fans. As a matter of fact, the guy sitting two seats away graduated with Candice at Fairfield. His older brother used to hang out with Nick. Weird.

One more time, Bengals SUCK!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Having Tons Of Fun!

Today, we saw the awesome sea otters at Monterey Bay Aquarium. That is such a great place to visit.

After that, we walked around Cannery Row and visited shops and looked for a place to eat. The first place we checked out sounded good to me, but we visited other places to check out menus.

We walked down the pier and found a place; unfortunately, they are closed this week. So we went to another place, but they didn't open until 6:00 and it was 5:00. We went back to the first place and sat down. Menus and Cokes were delivered. However, we decided we didn't want to eat there afterall and we would sit there until the other place opened. We proceeded to drink a couple of beers. Finally, it was 6:00!

So, we go back and there is nothing going on in this restaurant. Jim walked into the kitchen and asked, "what's the deal, are you open?" The answer was NO, we have no water. Whatever, Candice went to the restroom and Jim proceeded to pose with Bruce Lee (above photo.)

So hungry and slight buzzes all around, we had to find a place to eat! Time to check out another place. The menu looked kind of good, though expensive. We sat down, received our waters and Jim decides he's not going to eat there; he'd be happier with McDonalds. I convince him we should just go to the pizza joint across the street. Cool, we're going to make another escape! Unfortunately, they had ordered sodas. The waiter was nowhere to be found to cancel the drinks, so we sneaked out...laughing our asses off that we escaped for a second time in one night.

To the pizza joint. The owner (waitress) was so sweet. She was from Taiwan and she just stood there and talked to us. It was such an endearing time.

Another great day in California. Tomorrow we are headed to the Winchester House. I can't wait to see this montrocity!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Made It To San Francisco!

We arrived yesterday afternoon and went down to the piers and saw the 70 or so sea lions still living on Pier 39. They are so funny, but nothing close to seeing them in the summer months where there are thousands piling on top of each other. Just hearing them bark, makes me giggle over and over. After that we scored some excellent clam chowder in sour dough bread...yum!!!

This morning (Wednesday) we toured Alcatraz. Geez, that was so awesome...here's a photo of Candice and me shortly after we arrived on the island. (My hair is getting really long and out of control, eh?)
We met up with Bryan Jay from woxy.com for lunch; he works out here now at the lala.com offices. A great time; we went to a dive biker bar for great burgers and great local beer. I love meeting up with locals in different cities and see the under belly of the world. We still have lots of touristy shit to do, but that little bar was very close to hanging out in Northside at the Comet, which Bryan misses immensely.
It was a pretty fun day. I don't know what's on for tomorrow, but it will probably be either Monterey Bay Aquarium or the weird-ass Winchester House? Whatever, it will be an adventure!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hello San Francisco!

We'll be there Tuesday. I can't wait! The only shit I know what we're doing is meeting up with Brian Jay from woxy.com Wednesday, touring Alcatraz, going to Monterey Bay Aquarium, and going to the Bengals vs. 49's game Saturday night.

Good times! Can't wait!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pat Buchanan

Are you fucking kidding me???

Rudi's hit job? Loosely paraphrased, "You can't give up on the guy just because he had an extra-marital affair."

Really? But you fuckin' right wing nut-jobs can impeach a president because he had a blow job?


Of course, the Fairfield Township firefighters may show up any minute because it's cool (and legal) for firemen to search houses looking for dissent.

I'm so proud to relive the third reich!

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