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Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Fine Mother's Day

My kids took me to Dead Lobster for another awesome, filling meal. I got a couple awesome photos of Lilly...holy shit, they make me want to cry. She is so beautiful!

Candice and I also picked up the chemicals to get the pool started. Hopefully, dad is getting the sand for the filter. Can't do too much until the pump is hooked up. I'm thinking I'm going to love having the summer off (that is if I can get off the soap operas). I can't beleive I'm hooked on those fuckers again. Maybe I can take a TV out to the pool as I lie on the raft?

Whatever, I love my kids! Thank you!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Jerry Narron, Paging Jerry Narron

Hey, fucktard, your bullpen still SUCKS!

Quit taking the starters out of the 7th inning because of pitch counts already. Shees, Coffey just gave up a three-run homer in the 8th when the game was tied 2-2.