Ramblings and rants about the amusing, stupid things that happen to me in and around Cincinnati.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Good Citizen Tonight

Came home, dyed my hair (about freakin' time, biotch) and, drumroll please, cleaned the damn bathroom. Sheesh, I've never seen such a train wreck in my life.

Tomorrow, I have to get an oil change and have my alternator belt tightened. I called Nick tonight and told him, "that belt is screamin' like a mother fucker."

Then, I am going to Arn's birthday party. Happy Birthday, Arn!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

W. Sucks!

I just want to watch Survivor already. Get off the fuckin' tube already, ASSWIPE!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Still Lovin' BJM

Wow, what else can I say? Anton, you're ROCKING MY WORLD!

Seriously, I hope you keep it together now, dude.

Monday, April 25, 2005

WOW! Indie Music Fans, Check This Out!

I got the DVD "Dig" with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols and all I can say is, this shit is haunting the hell out of me.

I watched it twice this past weekend and I'm blown away. That's all for now, I am getting ready to do a proper review at my Indie Music and DVD Reviews site here shortly. But I'm tellin' you, if you are a fan of this stuff, check out this DVD, you won't be dissapointed!

Edited: I would add the review to my Indie-Culture site, but it appears my cheap-ass hosting company either is down or I'm fucked.

Kids, I really want to write about this train-wreck, but can't. Trust me though, if you are into indie music and love The Dandy Warhols like I do, you can't BUT get hooked by The Brian Jonestown Massacre!

Yup, bought one their CDs today, and want to buy all 12 of them! Anton, you are the fuckin' genius that Courtney wants to be!

Long live Anton!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Nick!

I love you and can't believe you're 26! Geez, I feel really old now. Hope you had a wonderful night!

Love ya,


Friday, April 22, 2005


http://www.gokartracingnetwork.com Today I had an epiphany. Jim made that video of Dan last year in Gatlinburg and refers to it as the Go-Kart Racing Network. Why not register the domain and become an affiliate of racing shit? Actually haven't checked out the possibilities yet, but who cares? If I can't sell the crap, so what! We'll just keep it as a parody.

Kids, the url isn't active yet, but it should be in a couple.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

One More Thing

I know nobody reads this crappy blog, but if you do, let's help save the best show EVER on television...Go to Save Our Bluths.

I love this program, and can't imagine life without Michael, Lindsay, G.O.B., Buster, Tobias, George Michael, Maeby, Lucille, George, Oscar...

Such comedy gold...help save the Bluths!

Mom And Grenada Did A Fly-By Today

So we know my kids and I think Mom and Grenada are living on this earth as geese, right?

One of my co-worker's had a computer problem late this afternoon and I was working on her computer. She had the window open a bit, and these two geese flew by, and I fucking swear, they yelled out twice, "FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF." They sounded just like Rox!

Mom, I miss you, and it was nice hearing you yell our cry today. I love you and smile everytime I see geese.

I hope you and Grenada are having a blast. I really think you are. Say howdy to the Pope for me, and Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Grandma, Johnny Carson, Janice Joplin and anybody else you've met. I hope you get to meet more than five people in heaven!

Mom, you would have loved the last season of "Arrested Development." It sucks that I didn't get to share the episodes with you. Freakin' hilarious!

I love you, and goodnight. Godspeed Mom!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Note To Myself

How about a family night at the Cincy Red's game? On a Wednesday night. Just asked Dad and he hasn't been to the new stadium and neither have I.

Seems everybody in our family is off on Wednesday nights. So let's do it!

Another Boring Wednesday Night

Until Bev put the penis straw, aka "Mr. Microphone" into my drink.

He he.

Hung out with Nick and Sara. Yeah, that dumb ass got his tongue pierced again tonight. His birthday present from Sara. Whatever, I hope your suffering now dude!

Anyway, Happy Birthday (almost) Nick. I love you whether your tongue is pierced or not.

Another thing, Arn, sorry, but I didn't get your message about dinner last night until today :~( And, then, I forgot to email you to tell you...sorry.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lied To Myself Again

I swore I was going home straight after work. Let's see, around 2:00 while running disk cleanup, my computer crashed and wouldn't restart. Kept getting .dll messages and everything was hosed. The damn thing would not restart. Found the XP disc and finally had it running again around 5:15.

Went in to tell my boss good-bye...major mistake. Why in the hell don't I just leave?

He pulls up his email and is stressing out because a certain message won't download and it's clogging his inbox. Well, holy shit, the dumb ass sending him the message also included 150 mb of photos. Shit, it could take hours to download that, even on a cable modem!

I think he wanted me to stay there and hold his hand! Not going to happen. Either delete the stupid email and call the idiot and tell him to send smaller files, or suck it up and wait a few hours to download. I mean, I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS HELLHOLE!

Anyway, had to stop and have a couple to blow off the stress. But I did manage to make it home in time to weed wack the whole yard.

I can accomplish somethings even while stressed out!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Another Glorious Day In Cincy

Wow, the weather is rocking! I guess the humidity will return in less that two weeks?

Let's see, I went to the river bank today and read, went shopping, washed my car, went shopping again, and ended up at O'Chux. Yeah, I know that's a surprise. Scottie (aka Big Boy) you freakin' crack me up! Scottie is a cop and one of the funniest people I've ever met. Here are some quotes from Scottie tonight:

"I'm hung like a tuna can, short and wide."

"Driving that damn truck stirs up my intestines and makes me poop rabbit pellets."

"God I hate that guy, I'd rather have you stand on my penis with golf cleats than have to talk to him."

So, should I get the pool ready again? Probably, I think I'm stuck in this house for at least the summer. Tomorrow, I'm going to climb down the ladder and slash that damn liner and get it draining. Then, I might take my bike out for the first time in two years.

Kids, this is disgusting. I'm showing my new pen Arn made for me to Paul. Let's go back for a moment...Chez is in heat again and she's loving us both. Then he takes my pen and says, "Here's another use" and points it to Chez's hoochie. Ewwww, gross.

BTW, I just did spell check and I mispelled "freakin'." The suggestion was "foreskin." Hehe.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Beautiful In South West Ohio

Another glorious day in the Cincy area. Need to do some weed wacking tomorrow since I never got around to it last weekend. Cookouts take priority, damnit!

It's a pain in the ass trying to get the whole family together to spread Mom's ashes. We thought it was all set up for Mother's Day, until I found out Candice and Jim are leaving for Gatlinburg that afternoon and Nick and Sarah won't return from Chicago until later in the day. I honestly think Nick was crying when I told him the date and he wouldn't be able to partake. He's such a sensitive feller.

So, I came up with the plan that we give Mom the proper treatment, either the evening before the whole tribe goes to Gatlinburg or the morning of the trip. So far, Dad and Paul are for it...haven't heard from the rest of the clan. Where are you guys and why aren't you reading your email?

Also, I bought two dozen plastic vials so each of us can have some ashes to keep Mom with us. She wants to be sprinkled at Hueston Woods at her favorite spot where she used to read and grade papers. I want to spread some ashes in Gatlinburg (her favorite place the last couple of years) and around the spots where all of the animals have been buried.

Sounds like a plan, eh?

BTW, Mom, I miss you every stinkin' day and I love you so much!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Orleans, Part II

Got my hotel room, booked my flight and registered for the WebmasterWorld Conference.

Eight nights in the "Big Easy"! The thing that pisses me off is they haven't updated the conference sessions and keep referring back to the Vegas conference. Come on Brett and Erica, update the freakin' pages already.

It sucks to have to pre-register for the discount and have no idea if it's going to be the same ole, same ole! I guess it doesn't matter that much since I know my boss will be retiring in the next few and I'm looking out for myself and future this time. A whole different track to follow, but it would be nice to know what to expect.

Whatever, it's New Orleans and old friends!

Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Orleans Here I Come!

Woooooo hooooooo, just booked my hoetel fom June 18 to June 26. Can I survive eight nights in the Big Easy? Well, I'll try!

That was phase one. Phase two is the airfare. I saw better flights a couple days ago, but just formally put in my vacation request today. I'll book a flight tomorrow.

Got to meet Candice and Jim's new little puppy, Booger. What a cutie! We had a cookout Sunday afternoon, and little guy was so sleepy. Then we drove around and looked at potential condos. Who could possibly give you a better tour than a pizza delivery guy. Got all kinds of ideas and I can't wait to be out on my own after all of these years.

Plus, Nick put on my brakes Sunday...hopefully, nothing else dies on my car for a few months. Just knocked on wood, hopefully, it will go for a while longer before sucking more bucks!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Tonight Was A Good Night, After All

My work web site has been down most of the day due to Verizon problems. My boss kept calling me and asking what I was going to do about it. It's totally out of my hand...there's a problem in California. At least I didn't have to see him when leaving tonight!

Nick met up with me and we went to the auto parts store and bought parts for my car. Another belt and brake pads. Of course, he didn't have the right tool to deal with my brakes, but after pouring brake fluid in, the stupid light went out!

Sunday, he says, he'll replace my brake pads. He was supposed to do it last week, but Sara had the miscarriage. I love you Nick, Candice, Jim & Sara. And, I can't wait to see Candice and Jim's new Italian Greyhound.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another Stupid Day

Holy shit! I paid a bunch of bills in the "Big House" today. Why in the hell couldn't "she" do this stuff? Not that hard.

Mark, here's your "honorable mention." I really liked that screen saver you had; when are you going to send me a copy?

Apparently DD is still alive. I don't want to know what kind of trouble he is in. But, it was stupid of him to pull this crap on Rox.

Gotta pay my own bills now. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sick Of Working In The Big House!

Although, it's kind of nice hanging out with Karen.

Started looking for a condo today, and I'm surprised that I can score something in the West Chester area for a reasonable price. Can't wait to dump all of my old furniture and get new stuff. I'm starting to get excited now.

Oh, Candice and Jim bought a "mini greyhound" today. Completely grey, except for a white spot under his chin. Can't wait to see the little critter.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Going To Bed Now

So, Illinois is down by seven. That sucks, but I guess it doesn't really matter since I screwed up so much last weekend. Besides, I guess DD with the money is probably dead by now!

DD, I am so pissed at you! I'll pray for you (and I don't do that too much).

I hope you're still alive and get some help! I care about you, too.

The Last Few Days Have Been Pretty Depressing

1. Nick and Sara had a miscarriage yesterday. I'm so sorry kids. I love you. And, if something isn't right or the right time, that's why.

She went to the Doctor today and she is Rh negative and he is Rh positive. Give it some time and let her get the shots. And, if you're serious about making a baby, then be serious about a commitment, already! Wait until after Gatlinburg. Elope in Gatlinburg while we're all there (and you can still party like it's 1999) and then get busy. But, I don't want to hear the noise if you elope...get a ROOM!

I'm so sorry sweeties! But it was for the best. You two are young and can practice all you want...I just don't want to hear it or hear about it, OK?

2. Double D, if you are committing suicide tonight, it's so unfair to pull Rox into this! I don't know what you've done or what kind of problems you have, but it's not right to make her feel like this! Damnit! Dude, there is always a way out. Just wake up and face your problems. Don't hurt the people who care about you!

It was just a week or two ago you wanted a little car like mine. What has happened recently to make you think you have to end it all? Come on, a lot of us care about you! DON'T DO IT!

3. This is the least of my problems, but I missed "Arrested Development" last night, but Arn made me a beautiful pen out of some exotic wood from the Rain Forest. Thanks. And, thanks, for the lovely dinner last night. It was great seeing you, Nancy, Dave, Isaac, Scott & Tiffany! You guys take care...I still love you, but I'm just not so much into the juggling thing anymore. You will always be my great friends.