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Thursday, August 17, 2006

This Is Hilarious

Just saw this, but take it with a grain of salt. Slate reported earlier in the week what presumably is a list of Dubbya's a AOL search records. My personal favorite "how to run country when not really inerested."

16006693 nak
16006693 nack
16006693 sharona
16006693 knack
16006693 knack downloads
16006693 oakrige boys
16006693 oakridge boys
16006693 oakridge boys downloads free
16006693 jokes about dick cheney
16006693 jokes about dick cheney but not george bush
16006693 dick cheney creep
16006693 dick cheney dickhead
16006693 rummy dickhead
16006693 where is iraq
16006693 where is lebenon
16006693 his bullets
16006693 his bullies
16006693 shiits
16006693 shee-ites
16006693 bush appruval
16006693 bush approvel
16006693 bush drops below
16006693 dead reporters
16006693 dead reporters fotos
16006693 dead reporters pix
16006693 disembowled reporters pix
16006693 disembowled new york times
16006693 love thine enemas
16006693 love thine enemies
16006693 bible quote of the day
16006693 insperation from bible
16006693 george bush great president
16006693 george w bush great president
16006693 dream on
16006693 oakridge boys lyrics dream on
16006693 how to run country
16006693 how to run country when not really inerested
16006693 people to run country for you
16006693 over work
16006693 overwork
16006693 stress
16006693 best place to retire
16006693 places like crawford but without cindy sheehan
16006693 crawford the town not cindy crawford
16006693 crawford tx
16006693 like crawford tx but not so hot
16006693 best places to retire not hot
16006693 best places to retire global warming
16006693 global warming mith
16006693 global warming myth
16006693 crawford hot
16006693 cindy crawford hot
16006693 rice hot
16006693 rice hot not recipes
16006693 rice naked
16006693 rice nude
16006693 bible quotes resisting temptation
16006693 oakridge boys i'll be true to you
16006693 oakridge boys trying to love two women
16006693 rice and beans
16006693 tex mex
16006693 tex mex not music
16006693 tex mex takeout
16006693 tex mex takeout dc
16006693 heart burn
16006693 heartburn


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

“The Kennedys flew too close to the sun. The Bushes just ask for more pork rinds.”

Awesome quote from Evan Thomas of Newsweek. Unfortunately, this article shines favorable light on the Bush family. There's no mention of the relationship with Hitler or how this fascist administration wants complete control of oil, money and, most importantly, power.

I've been overwhelmed recently reading about how the 2000 and 2004 elections were certainly stolen. Truly disturbing stuff:
I can't even remember what sparked my interest in this topic. But, in the meantime, I'm learning how this regime may be responsible for the 9/11 attacks. After I read the million books I've ordered, I will decide if it is possible this huge tragedy could have really been set forth by these neocon "christians."

In the meantime, here is an exellent article from tvnewslies.org outlining what neoconservatism is:
REQUIRED READING FOR BUSH SUPPORTERS! The George W. Bush Administration: A Lesson for Bush Supporters


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Excellent Ride

It took me 40 minutes of riding around Northside asking random people, "Do you know where the C&D Bar is?" Nobody could help me. Amazing, for such a little neighborhood.

But, I finally found it and had a beer and a free hotdog. Then it was time for us to mount up. It was awesome. We did a westside route with lots of speed and curves.

That's me in the back, on the left.

Time to get to The Comet and meet up with the other losers that never go on the club rides. Seems mostly us with newer scoots are the ones who ride. Those vintage people never have theirs running. I'm beginning to think my little piece of shit is a vintage scooter since it's broken all the time.

I love my XYL people! There are so many new people in the club because scooters are selling like crazy. Yup, you can thank W. for not caring about the out-of-sight gas prices. (Probably not really his fault, but I just despise that idiot so much!) Back on topic, I always felt like the new kid, but now I'm starting to feel like an old timer. I still don't know everybody's names and it keeps getting harder with the infiltration of rookies.

I took the two reverends in the club outside to show them the "Jesus Rocks" sticker on my bike. Thanks Nick and Sara for that little gem. Those guys are great and they laughed their asses off. It's a blast listening to them tell stories (cursing and all).

Oh, one more important note, I met a real rock star, Jack (not White) of The Raconteurs. Good times.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"XYLs Mount Up"

DocBob announced with his arms crossed into an "X" above his head. It sure is great to be back with my scooter buddies. My cast came off Monday and I decided I had to ride.

I met some of the gang in Northside and we rode to Bellvue (Newport) Kentucky to the new Vespa shop. Jerry had a cooler full of beer and Red Bull waiting for us. Seems like a nice guy. The patio in back is a nice place for a party.

From there, we rode down Rte. 8 along the river. No idea where we rode after that until we ended up in Newport again. Then we made our way back to our home, The Comet, best burritos and beer in the world.

What a great time. I'm back!

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