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Friday, April 25, 2008

Abort...Couldn't Upload My Shitty Sounding Video By Wussy

But, I at least found this video from another radio station!

Yeah, my vid sucks because the sound is sooooo bad!

I love you guys so much! It's been a hell of a couple months since going to Austin with you. Thank you Leslie! You kids, Chuck, Lisa, Dawn and Mark have helped me find myself...I will always be ingrated to you! Good luck on your next cd and hopefully, I can hang out sometime?

You fuckin' ROCK!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Made A Huge Decision Tonight...

I'm done with freakin' stupid West Chester, Fairfield, Hamilton, or whatever!

My heart belongs in Northside! Home of my scooter friends and rock friends. I am working there (very cheaply) as a bookkeeper for my good friend, Leslie. I plan on finding more work as a server, bartender, or something! Shit, I am even on the C&Ds softball team.

Northside is where I want to be!

I've raised two awesome kids; Nick is turning 29 today. I have the greatest granddaughter in the world. I watched Mom die. It's my turn now to live my dream...the ROCK STAR dream. There are so many great bands in Northside. I am writing my ass off (which Mom would have adored, and I'm sure she does.) I have at least 10 songs I'm writing now...meow.

I still love you folks up north, but I want to follow my dream!

I want music and more music...scooters and more scooters!

My buddies up north, I want to say, once again, I love you...especially, Rox, Rick, Tim, Judy, Mark, Tom, Carrol, Becky, Doug, Christi, Tara, Treena, Tricky Ricky, Gina, Brenda (I'll be calling you for a ride), Kat, Jim, Gary, Chris, Shelley, Chris, Jen, Jamie (sorry about that shit a couple years ago), Brad, Alicia, Gary, Jeff, Nick, Angie, The Bradys, Diane, Randy and so many others I can't think of...especially the hostess chick & husband who's been gone for a couple of months with a new grandchild!

Oh, Mady, "Girl Power."

Yah, too much to drink tonight. Just trying to send out thanks to those I can remember, but there are so many others I haven't named! Suffering from "old timers"?

Just saying, this isn't an actual goodbye, but I have finally discovered myself and know where I want to be...I love you all and will certainly still see you...just not as much!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Are The Weather Sirens Sounding Right Now?

It's not the first Wednesday of the month, furthermore, it's not even Wednesday. I hope I'm not about to die! I want to ride my scoot tonite!

Oooh Girl

A great, honest R & B song! Thanks Mark!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Cincinnati Rollergirls Kick Major ASS!

I went to the bout with a bunch of scooter kidz and my family. It was a blast. Sadistic Sadie kicks all of them. After the bout, my nephews, Collin and Ian, got Sadie's autograph and a handshake.

The boys told me, they are only going to take showers with a baggie on their hand!

They are so cute!

Here's another video of my crazy family screamin' and screamin'. Everybody needs to go see these girls rock hard. The Gardens even offers dollar beers at all of the matches, plus tailgating. A great way to spend a Saturday night every few weeks.

Oh, yeah, love you Mirderher, Nik Jagger, Fight Attendent and all the rest!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Humping The Dude's Road Rash

Not really road rash...big, fat bummer. It was from sliding into second base!

Whatever, German Michael, "Fight Attendant" and I are going to make a "porno." Ha ha.

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More SXSW Memories

Liam Finn. I had him highlighted to see, but just could never make it...too much other stuff going on. I caught his performance on DirecTV and I am so bummed I didn't get to see him.

Also, didn't get to see X, but they're at Bogarts May 16. And, The Duke Spirt, but they are in Covington next Friday, opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! April 18th is going to be a bitch since I have to figure out how to see The Duke Spirit/BRMC and then get to the Gypsy Hut (Tipsy Slut) to see Culture Queer and Wussy. The Covington gig begins at 8:00 and the Northside shit starts at 10:00. I suppose it is possible?

On the Austin trip we had two vehicles...a mini van and a truck so we were split up 4 in the van and 2 in the truck and alternated driving chores. We were around Dallas and had to get gas (so over the walkie talkie after the van takes an exit and we are driving down the street) Dawn announces that we are getting gas at the place that had a "big red K with a red circle around it." Leslie's reply is, "That would be a Circle K."

But here is what was even stupider, directly across the street was another Circle K?

The other things I just remembered from Leslie. She was running down 6th St. to get to a show and literally ran into Billy Bragg. I mean she freakin' knocked into him...she just looked up and said, "Sorry Billy."

The other Leslie story. Walking down the street, she hears a band playing that song by Fastball; "The Way." And she is kind of screaming, "Why in the fuck would anybody play that stupid song, it is SO 10 years ago!" Then to her amusement, she realizes it is Fastball playing Fastball!

Oh, another one...Morrisey bought her a beer in Dublin.

That's it for now...just remembered some stuff and needed to document it.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Juggling Man Accidentally Spears Pigeon

Juggling Man Accidentally Spears Pigeon

Ha ha ha...ROTFLMAO!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Todd Santos Is On My TV, Right Now!!

And, yes, his eyebrows are still hideous! I haven't seen him lately; perhaps because I have stayed up all night in a long time. I was starting to think that MSNBC fired his obnoxious eyebrows.

Meg came over tonight to Doug and Dorothy's since I am bunny sitting Tinky. We played Rock Band for four or five hours. It was a blast, although, I have a stinkin' blister on my thumb again.


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Sons & Daughters

I am sooooo loving this band! And, I just found a whole concert by them which was basically the same set I saw in Austin. What a bunch of hotties...all of them!

The video even has "Taste the Last Girl." That tune was one of a couple I knew before seeing them live. THEY ROCK!

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Riding With The Lesbos And Kevin

That's me in the photo playing with Keef's rock-solid pecs. OMG, he is such an awesome gay guy...yeah, I wanna do him and it scares the shit out of him (kidding).

It was a beautiful day and we had a blast! Keef said we went over 100 miles (not per hour) total. We saw a freakin' big-ass vulture or something flying above us...Laurie said it was a dog with wings.

We never made it to Maysville and stopped in Augusta. After much confusion and not finding beer anywhere, we decided to bail and go across on the ferry. All was good until I decided, while waiting in line for the ferry, to sit on Kevin's Ducati. Oops. Keef, you looked horrified as I watched myself (in slow motion) fall over into you. I was lucky I didn't roll down the hill with a Ducati, Keef and a Burgman on top of me into the river.

Sorry guys! I should get the "jackass of the ride" trophey.

Good times. We found a cute little place called, "AJs Roadhouse" to have food and beer between Riverbend and downtown. It would be a great place for a meetup this summer. Riding season is here and I'm stoked!

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I can't believe you had breast cancer at the age of 31! You are looking great now and I'm so happy we had that long-ass talk. You are representing all of the lovely ladies who have suffered that disease. You rock girlfriend and I love you!

Oh, yeah, you said while I was trying to take this photo with my crazy bright light, "Do you know what that light is good for?" "What?" "NOTHING!!!" And I stole the best line ever from you for my next song, "Fucking my way through the Zodiac!" You are one awesome person.

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I Like Turtles, Part 4

Sitting at the Comet last night, I heard the dumbass next to me say something about turtles.

I asked, "Do you like turtles?" His answer was, "I am a turtle." Here's a quick video of him acting like a turtle.

BTW, thanks John for the brewskie!

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Wussy Is Rocking Harder Than Ever!

I went to SXSW with them. They were home for a few days and took off for a two week east coast tour. Last night, they played at the Comet (my favorite place in the whole, wide world) and I hung out with Dawn for a couple of hours, and then later, Lisa. Oh, yeah, Chuck and Mark were there too. Supposedly, I'm going on the next road trip with them since I am "The perfect traveling companion." I don't know where yet, but Mark says he'll let me know in a week or so.

God I'm having the time of my life. Mom, I wish you were around so I could tell you about it...I know you are and can see how much I am loving life right now. Things are almost perfect. I've got my Lilly Bean, my kids. my friends in West Chester, and now, I am embarking on the greatest shit ever...Scooter friends, band friends and whatever happens in Northside, stays in Northside. Lovin' life and wish you were here Mom!

The geese are screaming above, "Fuck off, fuck off!" I know it's you and Grenada and possibly Sharon. I hope she told you how compassionate Lilly was to her last summer. It was awesome! Lilly sent her off in style!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

WKRP Put Up Or Shut Up

This is a video of the 200+ scooters arriving at the Gypsy Hut after our rally ride last Saturday. What a great time. Kudos to us XYLs for making this the best rally ever!

Added: this video happened a couple of hours before jackass Doc Bob decided to crash my scooter in the gravel lot. Thanks, dude! I own your soul now.

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I'm F**king Obama; Spoof Of Sarah Silverman And Jimmy Kimmel

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see this post with both crazy videos. Be sure you watch Sarah's before Jimmy's!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Does Life Get Any Better Than This?

I doubt it!

OMG! Our rally was the best ever! What an awesome event...kudos to you Anita for stepping into Leslie's shoes. You did good girl, even if I kicked your ass at wii bowling Friday night.

Thanks kiddo & roomie for letting me crash with you and, thanks, even more, for getting my ass back Saturday after the Jawa meeting, Don and Carrie's crazy shit with moonshine and absinth and who knows what else? I tried to walk, but you basically carried me and I crashed on your couch with one shoe on and the other shoe off.

Good times! Long live XYLs. Oh, I actually sold the winning scooter raffle ticket! Yay me!

See you on a scoot soon, Brenda.

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